We offer

Sports equipment for adults and children.

We will make it in your size. For example, you already have a wall bars and you want to buy a horizontal bar. Your forestry may be of a different size, or crossbars may have a different diameter. We will make it in your size. We can produce a horizontal bar, or a forestry following your sketch.

If you are still undecided, write us   your wishes support@segohomefitness.com , and we will offer you possible solutions.

Our knowhow is gymnastic complexes. It's comfortable. Children are very fond of them. They are used by the whole family. We mount constructions of wall bars, horizontal bars, climbing frames, timbers, and a pole. We complement them with a rope, rings, horizontal bars, and a gymnastic bench. We can design a system for any room: nursery, bedroom, hallway, or veranda. We are guided by standards ISO 9001:2008.