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Paschimo props – way to deepen you seated forward bend. This fold will allow you to gently loosen your hamstrings and work on hip flexion, and also will allow you to calm down near the end of the day. 

Props help us achieve a pose, and they allow us to achieve a pose correctly.

Yes as we are in the earlier stages of our practice, props can allow us to access poses we might not be able to do at all without the use of a block. But this is only temporary.


If you could not reach your feet, use a paschimo props to practice and gain flexibility and  you  can now reach your feet.


Paschimottanasana help concentrate on elongating your  spine and keep your  shoulders down away from your ears. Props can deepen the pose, putting a block at the bottom of your feet to extend the stretch, as if we had longer legs.


Beginners are also very convenient to use this device as a support when tilted from a standing Uttanasana (Intense Stretch Pose).

Paschimo props can be used as a small ladder , stool or shelf which is very handy to have at home.


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