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The balancing disk training device will help you strengthen the spinal muscles, develop the vestibular system, correct posture, relieve stress after remaining in one position for a longer period of time (sitting at the computer, watching TV, working at a desk). The training device can be used as a quick test for detection of spinal disk problems, such as bending and stooping. Using the training device, you will train all muscle groups and ligaments that attach to the spine. These are smaller muscle groups running along the spine, which are effectively stimulated in this way.


 Use: stand up on the training device, position the feet symmetrically, closer to the edge of the "plate", straighten the body, look straight ahead and try to keep your balance without touching the floor with the edges. You can perform rotational and circular movements. It is also possible to use the training device in a sitting position, placing it on a solid chair or stool. The training device is suitable for all age groups and has no contradictions. It is advisable to use it after massage and manual therapy sessions to consolidate treatment results. The disk is made ​​of plywood and has a diameter of 32 cm, the base is a convex hemisphere made ​​of birch, and the surface is covered with eco-friendly varnish.


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