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A good solution for rooms with plasterboard walls. The gym ladder is attached to the ceiling and the floor (they must be made of hard material). The frame can be mounted on a gym ladder either as a chinning bar or a press to any height. Suitable for adults and children.

Professional home model horizontal bar-parallel bars-abdominal press with bars for parallel grip, fully welded metal construction from 30x30mm square profile, soft elbow-rests and backrest and neoprene handles. Exerciser is effective for chest, arm, back and abdominal muscles exercises. The construction is removable, turnable and secured to the gym ladder with special mounting brackets. Has 2 positions: “horizontal bar" and “parallel-bars-abdominal press". Diameter of the horizontal bar and parallel bars is 25mm. Width of the horizontal bar is -110 cm, the protrusion of the horizontal bar - 50 cm, the width of the parallel grip - 15 cm. The protrusion of the parallel bars - 75 cm, the width of the parallel bars - 60 cm. Maximum user weight - 130kg


Min 9-ariga son har onskat sig en pull up-stang ett tag. Jag ville inte borra hal i vaggarna eller satta en stang i en dorroppning. Tidigare har vi kopt en stege fran Sego och nu bestamde jag mig for att montera stangen pa den. Stangen ar hallbar och kommer fardigmonterad. Den ar latt att satta upp och ta ner. Jag har testat stangen sjalv och ar imponerad av designen, kvaliteten och sakerheten hos den. Min son ar också glad!!!